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Settings -> About & Contact -> Upload to IPST Stats
This will upload your portal data to IPST Stats in an anonymous way.



Submitted portals: 27224

Accepted: 12007
Rejected: 13169
Pending: 2048

Does not meet portal criteria: 1302
Duplicate of another portal or too close to another portal: 1695
Too Close to another portal: 1009

Latest accepted: 2019-04-22
Latest submitted: 2019-04-04
Latest rejected: 2019-04-17

Oldest pending portal: 2013-06-27
Forgotten portals (+750days): 424

Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy and does only store the necessary data, more exactly we store the following:

  • Image Link: This is used as an identifier for the portal, this can help us avoid duplicates
  • Date of submission: This is used to help us provide accurate and informative statistics and graphs
  • Date of acception or rejection and reason for rejection: Used the same way as Date of submission
  • Coordinates: We will use this to create a map with all recent portals
  • Date submitted to IPST Stats: Used to identify outdated data


If you need to send your csv file for debugging, Email Us
A collaboration between @Th0m4zz and @Swantzter
Thanks to Phtiv Foskett for creating IPST and our logo, as well as letting us use IPST in our name
Note that we aren't created by, owned by or related to IPST by Phtiv Foskett, Niantic Labs or Google Inc.